Eric invites iconic individuals to join him at a campfire to talk story and play music


For centuries, the fire has always been a vital center of cultural exchange bringing together pioneers, outlaws, visionaries, entreprenuers, entertainers and wild-eyed adventurists from all points of the compass to share their stories around a common fire.

Please join Award-Winning Filmmaker and Best-Selling Author Eric Saperston as he invites legends to join him by the fire to talk story and play music.

“I just love what you do. What my eyes saw in yours is genius. It’s huge asking people about wonder. Who has ever asked that? No one! High five man!!  -Steven Tyler


These interviews by the fire are truly awe-inspiring and dive deep into what it means to be uniquely human. We are speaking to individuals who have lived extraordinary lives over a multitude of decades and are still guided by a profound sense of wonder. These fireside chats offer a timeless and sacred space to tap into the lessons these legends have learned, the struggles they’ve endured and to experience first hand the wisdom, humor and inspiration they’ve picked up along the way.


We want to know what they’ve learned about love and relationships, family and friends and the sacrifices they’ve succumbed to while following their bliss. We want to know the mistakes they’ve made, the regrets they still carry and where they find strength and conviction to venture forth even in their darkest hours. With deep curiosity, we want to know what gives these people the confidence to trust their instincts, the discipline to follow their hearts and the courage to speak their possibility into the world. It’s these questions and more we spark up by the fire.

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