Sometimes you take a trip. Sometimes the trip takes you.

Eric Saperston Top Keynote Speaker Interviews Iconic Legends, Visionaries, Pioneers and some of the Most Extraordinary Leaders of our era

After college, Eric Saperston bought a vintage yellow Volkswagen Bus, took his Golden Retriever Jack, and set off on a cross country trip to follow the Grateful Dead and work a ski season in Aspen.

Challenged by his mentor to make the trip more meaningful, he decided to call up the some of the most successful leaders and visionaries in the world and ask them out for a cup of coffee.


Eric Saperston broke down on the freeway on The Journey

What started out as a personal journey to find the answers to life’s biggest questions: Why am I here? How can I find happiness? What is success? Quickly, turned into something bigger than Eric ever imagined. Walt Disney Pictures turned his adventure’s into an award winning film!

The Journey Film

Eric Saperston Award Winning Film The Journey

With a laptop, journal, video camera, and an uncanny ability to not take ‘no personally’, Eric began documenting his adventures.

The Journeyas its known, is a celebration of Eric’s conversations with captains of industry, global leaders, and iconic visionaries studying the common traits, motivating, factors and guiding principles which enable everyday people to live extraordinary lives. 

“This movie is absolutely amazing. I have never been effected by a movie like I was after viewing this. I laughed, I cried, I thought long and hard about myself and where I was going in my life. I recommend this to everyone I talk to!

-Brandi DeBoer





Are You Getting Up Excited and Going to Bed Fulfilled?

Inspiring the World to Live In Wonder

United States presidents, rockstars, CEO’s, artists, olympic athletes, pioneers and visionaries of all kinds said ‘Yes’ to Eric’s request. Their humor, wisdom and life experiences were the inspiration behind the Best-Selling book, Live In Wonder: Quests, Quotes & Questions To Jumpstart Your Journey. 

Eric Saperston Best Selling Book, "Live In Wonder: Quests, Quotes & Questions to Jumpstart Your Journey

These handwritten pages have inspired thousands of people all over the world to get up excited and go to bed fulfilled. The book’s premise is based on the adage, “To know the road ahead, ask those coming back.” That means anything you want to learn about anything is an inspired conversation and a cup of coffee away. 

Live In Wonder: Quests, Quotes & Questions To Jumpstart Your Journey is elegantly simple, and yet sophisticated and complex. Part book. Part journal. Easy to read. Incredibly inspiring.


I bought one book for myself and was so inspired I went back and bought 10 more to give to family and friends! 

-Patricia O’Conner 



Making The Ordinary Extraordinary

We Are Guru Advertising Agency's Team playing the Three Things Card Game as a Happy Hour Teambuilding Exercise

Three Things Is a Game That Is Turning Strangers Into Friends and Friends Into Family

Come together, talk story and create more genuine connections with the Three Things Game!

Over a glass of wine with friends, at your family reunion, as an icebreaker on your date, or during your team’s business retreat, bring the game anywhere you want take ordinary conversations and elevate them to extraordinary, memorable experiences.

End small talk and start having more meaningful conversations with these insightful, universal questions that celebrate the wisdom we have all gained from our life’s journey.