Join Eric Saperston to be uplifted and inspired to greatness as he shares the common traits, motivating factors, and guiding principles gained throughout his 15+ years of studying and interviewing the world’s top leaders.  Eric’s featured keynotes are humorous, accessible, deeply impactful and jam packed with practical, instantly actionable takeaways that inspire life long learning, inclusive communication and daily excellence.

Eric Saperston delivers his featured keynote "The Journey: What It Takes To Be Extraordinary" to the Opus Agency Event Planning Annual Convention

Jump on the bus and take a leadership and communication Journey with Eric’s Saperston’s Award Winning Keynotes!

Eric’s impactful and inspiring keynotes are:

  • Performed 100s of times a year for Fortune 500s, Associations, Leadership Teams and Incentive Events across multiple industries
  • Designed with customized content and themes, adaptive to different business models, challenges, motivations, and emerging opportunities
  • Authentic, relevant, and practical with tangible applications in Leadership, Innovation, Change, Sales, Teamwork, and Overall Business Inspiration
  • Perfect for opening meetings with energy and immersive motivation to help teams build trust and produce extraordinary results together!

All of Eric’s Keynotes are also Available Virtually!

Eric Saperston delivers his standing ovation featured keynote "The Journey: What It Takes To Be Extraordinary" to Orangetheory at their global convention
Eric Saperston's standing ovation keynote "Thriving In Uncertain: The Journey" will help your organization and teams achieve extraordinary results

No one ever knows or can control what happens. Once we realize this simple truth, we can focus on approaching the unknown from a place of curiosity and opportunity.

Eric Saperston

What It Takes To Be Extraordinary

Keynote Length: 30-90 minutes

Keynote Overview:

In this keynote, Eric shares 15+ years of defining leadership lessons he has learned interviewing and studying first hand top leaders, visionaries and pioneers who have stood in the face of adversity and thrived.

These top leaders know how to harness language to produce optimal results and enroll those around them. They remain life long learners, making no assumptions and asking lots of question. They approach challenges as opportunities in disguise and are clear on their and their organization’s guiding principles and mission and make excellence a daily practice. 

Thriving in uncertain times is not about only having the skills to get the job done, it is about embodying and living a life of purpose, commitment and personal power.

The Journey To Success

Keynote Length: 30-90 minutes

Keynote Overview:

 Be ready to take The Journey of a lifetime with Eric Saperston as he shares leadership lessons, advanced communication distinctions and tales from his adventures over the last 15+ years taking iconic leaders out for coffee.

With a diversity of stories from US Presidents, Olympic Athletes, Rockstars, Pioneers and Visionaries, this award winning keynote is filled with humor, clear leadership lessons and concrete takeaways to leave your audience engaged and ready to do what it takes to be extraordinary!

Eric Saperston Shares Top Performance Leadership Lessons to Standing Ovation Audience

Every Virtual Keynote Includes:

A fully experienced tech team on Eric’s end to ensure our success in creating a memorable event!

The Power of Community: Three Things Teambuilding Experience

Teambuilding Length: 3 Hours

Teambuilding Overview:

Celebrate the collective wisdom and diversity of your teams and organization. Build greater inclusion, belonging, trust and emotional safety. Whether you are coming back together at the office after a long period of working remotely, restructuring your teams or needing to cross pollinate different divisions within your organization, this crowd pleasing team building experience helps to open up channels of communication, create greater efficiency and collaboration.

"What It Takes To Be Extraordinary: There Things Teambuilding Experience" brings teams together, builds trust, connection and effective communication amongst your organization's teams

This was the perfect way to bring our team together during this remote time. It helped remind everyone that our teammates on the other side of the screen are real people and that we have a tremendous amount of skill and intelligence to pull from within our organization

Mandy Timmons, Cooper Lighting

Teams build camaraderie, trust and open channels of communication with Eric Saperston's 3 Day "Up The Language, Elevate the Story Transformational Leadership and Advanced Communication Experience"

Once you cultivate a culture of trust and belonging, through innovative thinking and collaboration the impossible becomes possible!

Eric Saperston

“Up the Language, Elevate the Story” Transformational Leadership and Communication Experience

Teambuilding Experience Length: 3 Days of 3 Hour Segments

Teambuilding Overview:

Have a new team and young culture that you are looking to infuse with trust, belonging, common mission, and inclusive, effective communication? Have a dysfunctional team of high functioning individuals that are performing less effectively than their potential?

Join Eric and his leadership and advanced communication team for a 3 day intensive culture and team building experience that will build connections and a sense of belonging, acknowledge and celebrate the diversity and wisdom of your team, facilitate a safe container to air grievance and find new pathways to success through “upping the language and elevating the story”.