featured-ericIn a world drowning in information and thirsting for genuine connection,  Eric Saperston’s Live In Wonder is cutting through clutter with refreshing stories full of wisdom, humor and inspiration.

Live In Wonder is a message company committed to using the most powerful mediums in the world: film, television, music, photography, and performance art to uplift, inspire, and encourage us all to live life as an adventure!

Eric Saperston once challenged former Texas Governor Ann Richards to a game of checkers… and lost. Weird Al Yankovic has joined him at his campfire.  President Jimmy Carter traded neckties with him one time because it seemed like a good idea. Eric is known as the only best-selling author and award-winning filmmaker ever to be kicked out of Steven Spielberg’s office. The Fonz is his personal mentor. He has been in charge of the Olympic Torch, shared the stage with the likes of Jay Leno and Walter Cronkite, been featured in magazines including Spin, Fast Company and National Geographic, and spent more than a year living in a treehouse in Maui. He owns more hats than you do.

Eric Saperston might be the real-life “Most Interesting Man in the World,” and every single one of the above statements is 100% true.

Eric Saperston travels worldwide teaching associations and corporations how to maximize human potential, overcome obstacles and build revenue-producing relationships with their employees, partners and customers. He has spent the last 20 years calling up the most powerful people in the world and taking them out for coffee to ask them about the lessons they’ve learned, the struggles they’ve endured, and what advice and counsel they’d give others for a successful road ahead.  This makes Eric an incredible storyteller chock-full of practical leadership lessons learned from the wisest in the world. Combined with humorous and engaging tales from his own adventure, he leaves audiences more successful, uplifted and inspired!

Eric is known worldwide for his captivating orations. He has shared his gained business insights, life lessons, and stories of success for esteemed organizations including Harvard University, Stanford University, Nike, Coke, and General Mills, Trader Joe’s, United Way, SAP and the Million Dollar Round Table.