Eric Saperston Keynote Requirements

Eric Saperston’s Technical and Logistical Requirements

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Please inform us if there are any issues with providing the required technical support. Thank you!


  • Staging (raised platform) in the center of the front wall of the room. Please have steps off of the platform on either side.
  • Small stool on the side of the stage. No podium necessary.
  • Keep front row as close to stage as possible, and fill up front rows first!  (~six feet away is ideal.)
  • Please have backdrop on screens be the Live In Wonder Icon unless projecting live video of the keynote.


  • A bright stage will help keep the audience focus at the front of the room. Eric will utilize the entire stage though will be predominantly in the middle portion.
  • For large groups greater than 500, a SPOTLIGHT and professional lighting team is highly suggested. (If used, please aim it for a general wash of the front of the stage. People are more alert in brightness.)
  • Brighten the lighting on the screens and keep the house lights on dim during Eric’s keynote.
  • Use a dark backdrop to accentuate Eric’s face and body.
  • When showing video footage, dim the house lights as low as possible.


  • Largest Projection Screen possible. (for audiences greater than 400 people, IMAG (image magnification) is highly recommended.)
  • Wireless Lapel Mic
  • Countdown Timer Clock facing stage
  • Host will introduce Eric’s Welcome Video before he enters on to stage. If other video content is used, it will be introduced and timed out by Eric and the a/v team.
  • If A/V Team is not present, will need a video projection system & associated cables for a laptop (MACBOOK PRO)Please have a backup Mini DisplayPort to VGA adapter to connect MacBook to the projector. Laptop needs to attach to a high powered sound system as the program will have video/audio clips. Please provide necessary interface items/adapters (RCA, 1/4″ or 1/8″ mini-jack).
  • All Video Footage has a backup on Dropbox and can be accessed through request. Please have A/V Team send a request via Dropbox for email: for Eric Saperston Speaker Files for access and downloads.
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