• Eric Saperston, Speaker, Filmmaker, Author
  • Eric hit it out of the park! Totally engaging, audience loved him. Standing ovation!" - Alan Webber, Fast Company
  • Live In Wonder, The Book: Quests, Quotes & Questions To Jumpstart Your Journey
  • The Wonder Lounge: Legends, Visionaries and Rockstars join Eric Saperston at a campfire to talk story and play music.

Eric Saperston: Keynote Speaker, Best-Selling Author, Award-Winning Filmmaker & Live In Wonder Enthusiast

Eric Saperston travels worldwide teaching associations and corporations how to maximize human potential by cultivating leaders who inspire wonder in their employees, partners, and customers. 

When leaders inspire wonder:

  • Productivity increases
  • Innovation ignites
  • Change is met with courage
  • Adversities are overcome

Eric shows us how asking powerful questions can drive innovation and open doors to the most successful thought leaders in the world. He encourages people and organizations to maximize their potential by replacing fear with curiosity and to thrive during times of change and adversity.

eric03What started out as a personal journey to find the answers to life’s biggest questions – “Why am I here?”, “How can I find happiness?”, “What is success?” – quickly turned into something much bigger than Eric Saperston ever had imagined.

With a decade and a half of research, Eric calls up the most powerful people in the world and asks them to share the lessons they’ve learned, the struggles they’ve endured, and what advice and counsel they would give to others to better prepare themselves for a successful road ahead. These interviews resulted in a development deal with Walt Disney Studios, an award-winning film, The Journey, an international speaking career, a global lifestyle brand and a best selling book, Live In Wonder – Quests, Quotes & Questions To Jumpstart Your Journey.

Often referred to as a modern day Napoleon Hill, Eric Saperston is an infectious storyteller who captivates audiences to their feet, ignites wonder and jumpstarts organizations to sell excellently, lead passionately and innovate profoundly at whatever it is they are endeavoring to do.

Eric’s charismatic heart-warming style, combined with unbridled enthusiasm, genuine love for people and outside-the-box thinking, authentically inspires and transforms audiences to think big, start small, and move fast.

Humor, life-lessons, practical wisdom, memorable stories, tools you can use right away, you get it all with Eric. His presentation will surely inspire your audience to live passionately and produce extraordinary results.



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